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2001 Maniacs- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Tim Sullivan

Written By: Chris Kobin & Tim Sullivan
Score: Technical: 70, Story: 75, Acting: 75, Overall Score: 73%
Three college slackers are on their way to spring break They are hopefully Daytona bound but when they decide to take a small detour things take a very interesting change. Ending up in a small Southern Home style town the three friends meet five other people who also took the detour and all of them are the special guests of the town’s annual Guts and Glory Festival. Staying is Pleasant Valley seems to be a paradise all of it’s own and looks a lot more appealing than Daytona ever could, but when Mayor Buckman (Englund) makes them the honored guests thing change for a worse, when they realize that “You are what they Eat.” Is the town’s motto and they are the main course.

This movie made it’s way into my heart but only made it Skip Three Beats although a few hearts were definitely stopped on screen mine made it thru in one piece. From Writer/Director Tim Sullivan, who brought us the short film “A Christmas Treat” and is finishing his work on the most anticipated “Driftwood” and Chris Kobin, did an excellent job in doing a classic film cult film inspired movie. This one does stand out above the rest mostly due to its unique ways of dispatching of the victims. It made my collection did it make yours?

2001 Maniacs

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2001 Maniacs

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