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Bram Stokers Dracula- Review By: Roger Moore


Bram Stokers Dracula- Review By: Roger Moore


Directed By: Francis Ford Coppola

Written By: Bram Stoker (Novel) James V. Hart (Screenplay)

Score: Technical:  90, Story: 90, Acting: 90, Overall Score: 90%

This version of Dracula is closely based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel. A young lawyer Jonathan Harker is assigned to a gloomy village in the mists of Eastern Europe. He is captured and imprisoned by the undead vampire Dracula, who travels to London, inspired by a photograph of Harker’s betrothed, Mina Murray. In Britain, Dracula begins a reign of seduction and terror, draining the life from Mina’s closest friend, Lucy Westenra. Lucy’s friends gather together to try to drive Dracula away.

Coppola does deliver a wonderfully filmed piece of a forgotten time, the era is not taken on much these days and it will definitely be able to stand the tests of time.  Many of the shots were done with a very elegant style to them, it’s the first time I had ever seen some of this style and I was not disappointed with what I watched.

A Heart Stopper is the rating that this film receives on the Roger Moore movie scale, and no one I feel would be able to call this movie anything but.  I absolutely loved this movie and feel it should be in everyone’s collection, it’s in mine and it should be in yours.  The cast could not have been better chosen and the story was absolutely wonderful.  As always be afraid, be very afraid.


Bram Stoker's Dracula

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