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Tara Reid New Horror Flick

AOL Teen Service to Premiere New Tara Reid Horror Film  


DULLES, October 30: AOL RED, the Internet service’s portal for teens, tomorrow exclusively premieres Incubus, a young adult-targeted horror film starring Tara Reid.    
The psychological thriller about six teens on the run from a crazed killer with the power to control their dreams will be available on for 30 days. It can be purchased for $7.99 or rented for $3.49 for a five-day viewing period.   

In addition to downloading the film, teens can also access wallpaper and AOL Instant Messenger icons, plus tips on how to host an Incubus-themed Halloween party.    
The direct-to-download release will be followed by a DVD release next month, according to reports. The film’s producer, Adam Shapiro, told the LA Times last month that he opted for the direct-to-download route because he couldn’t find a suitable deal for a theatrical release. “Faced with the choice of going the traditional route, which we thought was onerous, we decided, ‘Let’s roll the dice on this one.’” 


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