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Altered- Movie Review


Altered- Movie Review

Directed By: Eduardo Sanchez

Written By: Eduardo Sanchez & Jamie Nash

Score: Technical: 85, Acting: 75, Story: 80, Overall Score: 80

In 1991 four childhood friends were abducted, now fifteen years later it’s time for pay back as the four friends have abducted one of their captures. Not knowing what to do the four friends try to make it thru the night without getting themselves killed by the alien or by each other.

The filming on this movie was done pretty good; it shows how Eduardo Sanchez’s style has changed and improved over the years, and that he has become a better director since the days of The Blair Witch Project.

Receiving Two Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore movie scale I really enjoyed watching this movie and will definitely be adding it to my collection. The concept for the story was a good one and the alien effects weren’t that bad either. It contained just the right amount of violence (gore) and it had a strong story with a good cast supporting it, very well done. Altered



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