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Late Midafternoon of the Living Undead

Take a look at the latest movie trailer for the zombie parody LATE MIDAFTERNOON OF THE LIVING UNDEAD starring Stacey Wade and Carrel Jackson.

Synopsis: Insurance Salesmen, Politicians, and Telephone Solicitors. While visiting her mother’s grave, WHINING BIMBO (Stacey Wade) is chased by a persistent zombie with one thing on his mind–selling her life insurance! Fleeing to a nearby farmhouse, she finds shelter with a group of survivors led by the BIG BRAVE BLACK GUY (Carrel Jackson). Soon their hideout is discovered and overrun by a mob of Living Undead Insurance Salesmen, Politicians, and Telephone Solicitors, and the weary consumers must risk a daring escape with no more than some string, a large cooking pot, and 400 pounds of wax.

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