POSTER: Silent But Deadly Movie Poster

Check out the first official teaser poster from Michael Patrick Entertainment for the upcoming horror film “Silent But Deadly” by writers Joel Plue and Lori Kelly. “Silent But Deadly” by director Stephen Scott ( Creed: Greatest Hits ) stars Kim Poirier (Dawn of the Dead, Paradise Falls) and Jason Mewes who recently costarred with Seth Rogen in ” Zack and Miri Make a Porno ” by director Kevin Smith.

“We are really excited about the caliber of talent we have lined up for this film. Stephen Scott has a distinct visual sensibility and energy that he brings to the set, and Jason Mewes possesses just the right blend of sensitive and sinister for the pivotal role of haunted loner Thomas Capper,” says Michael Patrick.

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For more information, be sure to visit Michaelpatrickentertainment.com.

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  • Some people just feel they have to make a comment without thinking or having any intelligence. There is MUCH more meaning to the title than a silent stinker... you'll just have to watch it to figure it out!!

  • Forget Mews and that girl, Nicole (world's sexiest comedian) Arbour is in this, and I heard a rumor that we get to se her tits!
    Hell ya!

    ok don't forget Mews, he's awesome too.