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Minnesota Beatle Project Covers Music For A Good Cause In Its Second Volume

Nothing could be more enjoyable than listening to music for a good cause. Unless, the tunes are those of the Beatles. The Minnesota Beatle Project released its second volume, Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 2, a 16 track LP on December 7th. The album’s proceeds will benefit art and music education in Minnesota Public Schools.

The collection features the sounds of Minnesota born-or-based artists with some special guests. Musicians, such as Soul Asylum, Mason Jennings, Total Babe, P.O.S and Sound of Blackness, sing beside the original quartet’s compositions.

The album, consisting of more than 125 musicians, is available in stores and online. The cover tracks can also be obtained by purchasing a limited-edition double vinyl from With each record purchase, the buyer has a chance to win a popular collectors item, John Lennon silver proofs.

By Lonnie Nemiroff

Minnesota Beatle Project

Minnesota Beatle Project

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