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Scream 4 Soundtrack Available To Pre-Order

Posted by Perri Nemiroff On March - 29 - 2011 0 Comment

With two more weeks to go until Ghostface makes his return to the big screen, the promotional material continues to pour in. Not only do we have four new photos, but information on the Scream 4 soundtrack, too.

First up, the stills. Clearly there’s going to be some romantic tension between Rory Culkin and Hayden Panettiere’s character or perhaps just a little teasing on Panettiere’s part as Culkin looks a little more in-the-moment in this first image. Second we’ve got a shot of Courteney Cox looking as though she’s attempting to evade the killer in that barn scene. There’s also a shot of Emma Roberts and Scream 4‘s Billy Loomis lookalike, Nico Tortorella, having a heart-to-heart in the hospital post mini-bloodbath. Lastly, we’ve got Sidney Prescott herself, Neve Campbell, alongside Roberts witnessing something that’s sure to be pretty ghastly.

Now, onto the soundtrack. You’re able to pre-order today, but you won’t get the goods until the expected release date, April 12th. Based on the song samples, this one comes packed with a little of everything. We’ve got a handful of fairly hard-core rock pieces including The Novocaines’ “Cup of Coffee” and The Chain Gang of 1974’s “Make My Body” as well as a few tracks that veer towards the more alternative side like Locksley’s “On Fire.” While the majority of the tracks appear to be appropriate for casual listening my favorite of the bunch, again, based on sampling alone, is one titled “Don’t Mess with the Original” from Marco Beltrami. The title says it all; this one is an instrumental track that brings your mind right back to the infamous chase scenes from the very first Scream film.

Going with the “new decade, new rules” motto is cool and all, but let’s just hope Wes Craven remembers where this new material comes from. As much as we’re all itching to see an update, it needs to be deeply rooted in the films that made us all Ghostface diehards in the first place. In terms of the music, he seems to be echoing the tone of the originals, so let’s just hope the piece in its entirety does the same.

Click here to pre-order your copy of the Scream 4 soundtrack and check out the aforementioned stills below.

By Perri Nemiroff

scream4 1 Scream 4 Soundtrack Available To Pre Order

Scream 4, Image 1

scream4 2 Scream 4 Soundtrack Available To Pre Order

Scream 4, Image 2

scream4 3 Scream 4 Soundtrack Available To Pre Order

Scream 4, Image 3

scream4 4 Scream 4 Soundtrack Available To Pre Order

Scream 4, Image 4

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