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Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler Officially Set As Judges For American Idol Season 11

It’s official! According to Entertainment Weekly, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler have been signed back on as judges for “American Idol”. This will make the show’s 11th season, as well as Jackson’s 11th season as a judge on the show.

The only wild card this time around is Jennifer Lopez, who is reportedly “on the fence” due to her new “American Idol”-esque project “Q’Viva.”

Time for my personal opinion: After sitting through this season of “American Idol,” I would hope beyond hope that the two judges–three, if Lopez returns–stop reusing the same words and phrases like “beautiful,” “beyond critique”, and the now-infamous, “In it to win it.” Also, in the wake of Haley-gate, the judges–Lopez and Jackson in particular–had better give all contestants an equal opportunity. Give contestants credit when credit is due.

Hopefully Season 11 will be much more cohesive. Hopefully, some notes will be taken from “The Voice”, NBC’s hit singing show. They should even take notes from another NBC hit singing show, “The Sing-Off.” Say what you will about NBC, but doggonit, they sure know how to make a good talent show.

What do you think about Jackson and Tyler coming back to “American Idol”? Sound off in the comments section below.

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson on American Idol Season 11

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson on American Idol Season 11

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