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Emma Stone Talks Panic Attack On The Set Of 'Crazy Stupid Love'

Emma Stone has been making the rounds for her upcoming comedy movie ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell. While talking to, Stone admits that during filming she suffered from a panic attack after attempting to do a scene similar to the one in the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’. A stunt double had to take over after Emma just couldn’t pull off replicating that famous flying scene in the Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze 80’s flick. Apparently Stone’s fear comes from a bad childhood experience.

“When I was seven, I was in gymnastics class and I was standing on the parallel bars and the woman let go of my ankles and I fell forward and broke both of my arms on the mat. And I had this dormant primal fear I didn’t realize until he [Gosling] was lifting me over his head over the front and my arms immediately went, ‘No!’ My body knew that this could break your arms. I really had a full scale hour-long primal panic attack. It was bizarre.”

How did the director and Ryan Gosling react to all of this?

“They were so nice to me. One of the directors, Glenn Ficarra, and Ryan were sitting with me in a bed in the house we were shooting in rubbing my back like, ‘You’re alright, we’ll get the stunt double to do it.'”

‘Crazy Stupid Love’ opens in theaters July 29th 2011.  Check out the trailer below.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

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