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Alexandre Aja To Produce TV Series Based On Scanners

According to Deadline, the 1981 David Cronenberg film “Scanners” will now become a television show. Alexandre Aja, the writer-director behind the horror remake “The Hills Have Eyes,” will be the producer behind the Dimension television show.

The show, which is about telepathic and telekinetic abilities, will probably be an answer to horror and sci-fi drama shows like AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and TNT’s “Falling Skies.”

The film version of “Scanners” is probably best known due to the gruesome head explosion scene. The film’s synopsis follows a group of adults who are known as scanners. These adults are the children of women who took an experiemental drug during their pregnancies, and now the adults are outcasts in society. One scanner wants to form a group to take over the world, and now his brother, who hates being a scanner, has to stop him. The film starred Michael Ironside and Stephen Lack. The film also spawned two sequels, “Scanners II: The New Order” and “Scanners III: The Takeover.”

What do you think of a “Scanners” television show? How do you feel the ante will be upped on the head-explosion scenes? And, because of the head explosions, do you think that this series will be on cable or on networks like HBO or Showtime? Sound off below in the comments section.


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