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The Muppets Opening Sequence Released

The Muppets make almost everyone happy, and “The Muppets” seems like it’s aiming to keep the happy tradition alive. You can see what I mean when you watch a portion of the opening sequence of the film, which is a musical number to the film’s original song, “Life’s a Happy Song.”

The number shows Jason Segel and his “brother” Walter (who’s a muppet) wearing matching suits, singing about how awesome life is and what life is like (“a fillet of fish!”), and sharing their sunny disposition with everyone they meet in the town. In fact, if you’re a big “Sesame Street” aficionado, you might find that the song vaguely resembles “Sing” in its tone. Segel, who also wrote the screenplay for the film, seems to be genuinely having fun in this film, and really, how can you not when you’re going to work with the Muppets? There’s no way you can’t have any fun.

MovieLine posted the snippet from the film, which is also bright and colorful (other aspects that put you in a happy mood), and you can view it (as well as listen to the full song) at their site. The snippet of the opening sequence is also embedded below this post.

“The Muppets” comes out November 23

The Muppets Dance Scene Amy Adams

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