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Henry Cavill Gained 20 Pounds For Superman Role

After some intense dieting and work out routines to play his recent role in Tarsem Singh’s The Immortals, Henry Cavill is back to transforming his body for his latest role as Superman. Changing things up, and going from lean to bulky, Cavill has dished to USA Today that he had to gain 20 pounds in order to play Clark Kent’s powerful alter ego, the Man of Steel.

With intense training and a high calories intake, Cavill has shaped his physique into the believable form of Superman. His only complaint seems to be trouble fitting into his regular clothes. “I am 20 pounds heavier,” but “just as lean. I genuinely had to throw my clothes out, since my shoulders are too big and my waist is too small. Everything just doesn’t fit like it used to. I have never been this big.” The actor also adds that his muscle tone “takes hours. It’s been two hours a day for the last eight months.”

His Immortals co-star Immortals co-star Freida Pinto has also changed her mind about Cavill playing Superman. “I didn’t see it on set, I have to be honest. That might be because he was covered in muck all day (as Theseus). But now that he’s all cleaned up, I look at him and see a fantastic Superman.”

Man of Steel from Zack Snyder of Sucker Punch fame will open in theaters on June 14th 2013.

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