Cause Of Heavy D's Death Revealed

Beloved rapper Heavy D was one of the celebrity casualties of this year. The news of his death rocked the music industry, but the speculation about how he died was also something that took over the mindspace of the entertainment news industry. According to a post by Entertainment Weekly, a coroner has finally given the cause of death.

According to Entertainment Weekly, there was not just one cause, but several causes. According to the coroner’s report, Heavy D died from a pulmonary embolism–a condition that is blockage of the main artery to the lungs– as well as a deep leg-vein thrombosis–a condition that causes blood clots to form–as well as cardiovascular disease, something that might have been exaggerated by his weight. The symptoms of pneumonia Heavy D was said to be experiencing before his death and the cough syrup he was using in order to get better were not factors in his death.

A more detailed version of the coroner’s report should be out within two weeks.

You can read more about the report at the link above. In any case, the rap world–and the entertainment world in general–won’t be the same without Heavy D. Another part of my childhood is gone forever.

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