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Jersey Shore's The Unit Calls Himself An All-American Douchebag, But That's Not The Whole Story

Jonny “The Unit” Manfre calls himself “an all-American douchebag,” but there’s a lot more to the new addition to “Jersey Shore” than that particular title.

Manfre, who has been friends with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for about 10 years, graduated from Rutgers with two degrees. “I majored in philosophy and labor studies,” he said. “I took philosophy due to one of my professors. He told me to take it because it teaches you how to think logically and helps with anything you want to do.” He said he didn’t focus on being an adult after college and had to find himself. He eventually became big in mortgages, real estate, and when his friend married the president of Panama’s daughter, he moved there. While in Panama, he and his friend did investing, however the investments caused them to lose a lot of money. “Then Mike ["The Situation”] blew up out of nowhere, and he invited me on [["Jersey Shore”]told me about the storybook world of celebrity, and that brings us up to the present day.”

Manfre is also working on a fitness e-book and a fitness website. “It’s going to help people, help kids,” he said. “The book will be about the philosophy and science and the state of mind of fitness. It’ll teach you how to go about your goals and meet them. I’ve been selling fitness advice for years, and I expect it’s going to be very enriching.” He’s also working on future music and television projects.

“I’ve had a lot of ups and downs,” he said. “[His[His role on ‘Jersey Shore’]something you don’t come across very often. This is something I’ve been preparing for my whole life. I expect a lot of positive things.”

There’s obviously the storyline within the show that could take up an entire interview, that storyline being his feud with Snooki concerning some incriminating information The Situation is threatening about revealing. Manfre said he’s very reluctant about it–“I didn’t have anything against her,” he said. “I’m a very happy-go-lucky person. However, as Manfre himself said, “There’s more to the douchebag than meets the eye.”

Make sure to catch “Jersey Shore” on MTV Thursdays at 10/9 c.

Jonny The Unit Manfre from Jersey Shore

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