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Interview: Patrick Muldoon Talks Days Of Our Lives, Science Fiction Films

Patrick Muldoon is a man who can’t seem to shake the science fiction. The “Starship Troopers” star also can’t seem to shake spiders either, having starred in “Ice Spiders” and the upcoming “Spiders 3D.” However, Muldoon doesn’t mind.

“I’ve always been a comic book fan,” he said. “I’ve always loved that [science fiction] stuff even as a kid. To be able to play these types of roles as an adult is a real treat for me.”

Movies have also been a big part of Muldoon’s childhood. “I saw ‘On the Waterfront as a kid,” he said. “When I saw that, I said, ‘I wanna do that!'”

Muldoon was able to go to his first acting class due to John Stamos’ mother, Loretta. “I was dating his [Stamos] cousin,” he said.

The acting bug led him to landing the role of Austin Reed on the soap opera, “Days of Our Lives.” He left the show in 1995, but has since gone back to the show, playing the character so many associate with him.

“It was like going to high school,” he said when talking about going back to “Days.” “It’s strange, but really you kinda want to pinch yourself. The same people are there, the people I really enjoyed in the ’90s I still enjoy working with today.”

In fact, the cast is more like family to him than a traditional working environment. “It’s a great experience of going back to daytime working with people that you love as opposed to doing a movie for eight weeks not knowing when your next job is.”

Make sure to catch Muldoon in “Spiders 3D.”

Written by: Monique Jones

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