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New Spoilers From The Dark Knight Rises Rooftop Scene

Yeah, I’ve been ragging on the Liam Neeson “spoiler,” but now I can stop doing that because here are some real spoilers! Like with anything dealing with spoilers, if you don’t want to know what happens in the film, just don’t read this post, please.

Okay. If you’re still here, you’re fully aware that you’re about to read spoilers, so here goes. According to Cosmic Book News, the lowdown on a particular rooftop scene, during which Batman (Christian Bale) and the Batwing can be seen, has been revealed.

According to the site, a stuntman from the filming of that scene has been interviewed about the scene. The stunt man, Mark DeAlessandro, told ActionFest that not only was Batman and his vehicle present on the rooftop, but also Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Also, his role in the scene was as one of Bane’s (Tom Hardy) 12 mercenaries, who are engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

It is presumed that the Batwing is what Batman uses to escape from the rooftop. We’ll get to see all of these spoilers in action when “The Dark Knight Rises” is released July 20.

Make sure to go to Cosmic Book News to read more about the scene.

Photo: srslyguys (Creative Commons Flickr)

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