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Andy Lau Might Join Iron Man 3

CinemaBlend has the scoop on Marvel Studios’ plan to broaden their international market by setting “Iron Man 3” in China.

According to the site, Marvel Studios has come together with China’s DMG Entertainment to co-produce the film as well as release the film in China. Scenes of the film will also be shot in China. The main goal is to have this American film be treated just like a native Chinese film production, thereby engendering Marvel Studios to the Chinese film audience. Good strategy, Marvel Studios!

Of course, if you’re going to use China as a backdrop for your film, it would only make sense to show Chinese actors in the film. Currently, Marvel Studios is currently trying to attract Andy Lau to the project as Tony Stark’s scientist friend who will later help him with the fight against Ben Kingsley’s currently unnamed villain character. According to Slash Film, Marvel had denied answering the question concerning if Kingsley will play Asian villain Mandarin–if that’s true, that’ll be a little of a slap in the face to the Chinese audience, right? an Indian-British actor playing a Chinese villain who could be viewed as a Chinese stereotype? The character’s name is “Mandarin” for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, you can read more about this at CinemaBlend.

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