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Box Office Predictions: Think Like A Man To Trump All Four Newcomers

Good thing the summer movie season is literally right around the corner because this could be a dreary weekend at the box office. We’ve got four new wide releases arriving and none are expected to crack the $20 million mark. The Pirates! Band of Misfits has got 3,300+ screens, but it’ll be lucky to match Arthur Christmas’ $12 million opening. The Five-Year Engagement is getting the next widest release and while it may want to be the next Bridesmaids, it’ll only become the next Jumping the Broom with a $15 million start.

Then we’ve got Safe, which looks to follow in the footsteps of another Jason Statham film, Crank: High Voltage. Should that be the case, it’ll start its box office run off with a mere $7 million. Last up for the newcomers is The Raven and it looks to be heading straight towards a Zodiac-sized opening of about $13 million.

Now for the box office veterans. With the mediocre new entries, Think Like a Man should have no trouble holding on to that top spot. Even if its profits are slashed in half that’ll still give it $17 million for its second weekend out. Should The Lucky One keep in line with another Zac Efron-starrer, 17 Again, it’s heading towards a 50% loss and an $11 million weekend two total. As for The Hunger Games, even with four new films entering the race, there’s no reason to think it’ll lose more that 40%, perhaps even just 35%, which would give it another $9.5 million.

Chimpanzee is moving into its second weekend and even though it had a strong start, should it perform like the other Disneynature Earth Day debuts, it’ll drop at least 50%, leaving it with just about $5 million. Should The Three Stooges drop just 42.6% yet again, it’ll have just enough to steal the #8 position from Chimpanzee and take $5.5 million to the bank. Sadly this will be The Cabin in the Woods’ final weekend in the top ten, the film poised to lose another 45% for a $4.5 million weekend three total. Predictions

1. Think Like a Man

2. The Five-Year Engagement

3. The Raven

4. The Pirates! Band of Misfits

5. The Lucky One

6. The Hunger Games

7. Safe

8. The Three Stooges

9. Chimpanzee

10. The Cabin in the Woods

By Perri Nemiroff (via Box Office Mojo)

Think Like A Man

Think Like A Man

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