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Exclusive: Meet Lee Arenberg’s Visky In A New Clip From Ashley’s Ashes

Been enjoying Lee Arenberg’s performance as Grumpy and Leroy on Once Upon a Time? Wait until you see Arenberg in character in our exclusive clip from the upcoming VOD release Ashley’s Ashes.

The film focuses on a man named Bob (Googy Gress) who’s got it a bit rough. He’s got a girlfriend that merely uses him, suffers from panic attacks and, to top it all off, he inherits a mysterious urn filled with the ashes of a person he doesn’t know. Rather than just toss them in the trash, Bob opts to make identifying the owner of the ashes in the urn priority #1 and sets out to do so.

One of Bob’s leads? The infamous Visky (Arenberg), the rather eccentric artist responsible for making the urn. No text description can do this outrageous character justice, so catch Visky in action yourself in the exclusive clip below and be sure to keep an eye out for Ashley’s Ashes, which hits VOD on May 23rd.

By Perri Nemiroff

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