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DAILY SHOCK’s Alki David To Give $9 Million To Winner Of Drake-Chris Brown Fight If They Agree To Box’s Alki David is doing everything he can to get a Drake-Chris Brown charity fight to happen. ShockYa has been reporting on the efforts to make the fight happen, and now there’s been an even bigger turn in the saga.

David has just said that he will offer $9 million to the winner and $1 million to the loser if the two performers agree to fight in the ring. Will this get them to consider his offer? Only time will tell. What you can be sure of, however, is that ShockYa will be covering this developing story.

As has been reported, W.i.P., the nightclub where the June 14 fight between Brown and Drake took place, is under fire. Not only is NBA star Tony Parker is suing the nightclub for an eye injury he received, but a club patron, Lucy Pavlovsky is also suing W.i.P. for an arm injury that required 12 stitches. Her lawyer, Javier Solano, has hinted that Brown and Drake might also be included in the suit.

What do you think? Will the offer of a sweetened purse make Drake and Chris Brown come together and fight for charity? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

(Aftermath from the Brown-Drake fight. Photo credit: Twitter)

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