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First Look Trailer For Sons Of Anarchy Season 5

Fans wondering what lays ahead for Jax and the crew of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ can check out the teaser trailer for season 5 of the FX series. The show will make it’s return to air to fall with teasers and storylines sure to be revealed at this year’s Comic Con panel set to take place on July 15th. Judging by the trailer there will be plenty of viewers looking to get the details behind Jax’s fall off of a bridge after his Mom brings him to a halt while the gang seems to casually look on.

So far the star’s of the show have dropped a few hints of what to expect from the fifth season with Maggie Siff, who plays Tara, being the most interesting turn of events when it comes to SOA drama. The actress says that Tara “will be getting a little more messed- up in the head and volatile.” Adding, “You will also see her smoking pot to take the edge off,” to cope with being the crew’s head lady given Jax’s new position. She’ll also have some problems with Katey Sagal’s character. “Gemma loves Tara but might just be a little threatened by her now that she’s suddenly been displaced as queen of the club. Gemma – who’ll be getting her drink on – doesn’t like to take s*** from anybody,” Sagal shared. Watch the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 promo trailer video below.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 5

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