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The Shark Knight Comes To A Body Of Water Near You

Discovery Channel’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Shark Week is coming up, and some of the Discovery Channel employees were inspired by this milestone and the recent release of “The Dark Knight Rises” to create a humorous video about a shark who’s just trying to save lives.

“The Shark Knight” chronicles the heroic adventures of a sneaker-wearing shark who moonlights as a savior of the helpless (sort of). He goes around the city, stopping disasters from happening, and, finally, he saves a copy man from wasting his life as the paper-cut guy who only makes copies.

The video is not the high definition, professionally shot, nonfictional material viewers might be used to from Discovery Channel. This video was shot using only iPhones, and the humorous approach might be something new for Discovery Channel fans. These movie-makers want to know: do you like this style of video, or do you think they should stick to the HD, documentary-style programs that are normally shown on the Discovery Channel? Is there room for this kind of humor on the Discovery Channel? Sound off to let these guys know if you’d like to see more of the Shark Knight!

Tune into Shark Week’s 25th Anniversary starting August 12th on the Discovery Channel.

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