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Iron Man 3 Exclusive Photos Reveal Memorial For A Christmas Tragedy

Death is going to be a huge part of “Iron Man 3,” judging by the exclusive photos found by The photos show a homemade memorial dedicated to some type of disaster that occurs on December 12, a date in the storyline.

In the pictures, which you can see below the post, the makeshift memorial includes dedications to those killed, including a soldier who died in an explosion. However, it’s currently unclear as to what actually triggered the event. gives the theory that the event could have been what placed Pepper Potts in the hospital, as revealed from’s other exclusive photos, but I also have a theory that could tie back to the Winter Soldier.

Before “The Avengers,” Marvel Studios was keen on making their movies tie together. One good example of that are the Easter eggs hidden at the end of the films. Now that “The Avengers” has come out, it’s only safe to assume that Marvel would be even more keen on making movie callbacks or call-forwards, if you will. I posit that the winter event could have something to do with the resurrected Bucky, which will lead us to the next film, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” The soldier killed could even be Bucky himself. What do you think about that?

Give your opinions on what event could have caused the currently unknown winter event in the comments section below.

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