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Beverly Hills Nannies’ Shaun Sturz Gives Insight Into The Life Of A High Profile Manny

Even though male babysitters have been around for a while, the term “manny” (“man” plus “nanny”) is relatively new. One such manny is Shaun Sturz, one of the stars of ABC Family’s hit reality show “Beverly Hills Nannies.”

Sturz, a former art major, fell into the caregiver profession. “I started being a nanny when I was in junior high school,” he said. “I was working out at this private gym and there were some wealthy families, and one of the families I worked out with asked me if I wanted to watch their two kids, so it started out like that. [Working] on the weekends and through the week was a pretty good thing for a high school kid…so I really enjoyed myself with it.”

When he went to college, he applied for nanny jobs through the want ads, and in Los Angeles, his job developed into where it is now.

“For me, it allowed me to be a big kid,” he said. “I feel like I’m not working, and I’m like ‘Wow, I’m getting paid really good money, [hanging] out with these kids and enrich their lives.” Other perks include going to dinner at ritzy places like Nobu, seeing feature films before they are released to the public, and more.

Sturz feels “Beverly Hills Nannies” gives a good look at the world of nannies. “It really sheds some light on what people’s perceptions of nannies are. A lot of times people think that somebody who has a nanny isn’t a good parent, and that’s not necessarily it,” he said. “I think some people who can’t afford nannies send their kids to the YMCA or something like that, but these parents are able to have them in their home and plan these activities and be like a big brother. [The show is] also great because a lot of people think that nannies are a lot older, grey haired…I think all of these nannies on the show went to college.” Sturz said that “Beverly Hills Nannies” shows how nannies can have varied, highly successful lives without being anything like a stereotype.

Sturz’s love for art has come out in his work with kids many times; one of his specialties, he said, is developing art projects for the kids in his care. But now, art and caregiving have created a new offshoot for Sturz–creating children’s books. Sturz is living his dream life, and for those who want to find the career of their dreams, he has some advice. “Follow your passion, because you never know where life takes you.”

“Beverly Hills Nannies” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family.

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