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Red Dawn Trailer With Hemsworth, Hutcherson And Peck Kicks Ass

The trailer for the ‘Red Dawn’ reboot is finally here after some delays. The clip is definitely promising with Chris Hemsworth of ‘Thor’, Josh Hutcherson from ‘The Hunger Games’ and Josh Peck of ‘Drake and Josh’ leading the way. Adrianne Palicki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Isabel Cruz also help round out the cast. A 1984 remake that previously starred Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen this time around follows a group of teenagers who fight a group of ruthless North Korean soldiers that invade their town and kill their father.

In this first ‘Red Dawn’ trailer Hemsworth (a marine) shows the young Peck and Hutcherson how to fight back, leading the rogue group against the enemy. The clip also features plenty of explosive scenes as the crew, who call themselves the Wolverines, takes hold of their small town, Spokane. Watch the kick ass trailer below. The script comes from Carl Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore, and will hit theaters on November 21st.

Here’s a small snippet of the extensive plot summary from IMDb – “lt’s Friday night and the residents of Spokane are consumed with the thoughts of the local high school football game. The Wolverines just lost a nail biter and the team’s quarterback Matt Eckert is trying to shake off the tough loss. Adding to Matt’s worries is the sudden and unexpected return of his older brother Jed (played by Chris Hemsworth, STAR TREK). After their mom died, Jed left town with no warning and enlisted in the military. Now Jed is home unexpectedly after serving in Afghanistan and the brothers’ relationship is strained at best. After some encouraging words from his dad and his girlfriend Erica, Matt heads home to sleep off his loss. The next morning Matt is startled awake as their whole house shakes violently. Running outside, Matt and Jed find the sky filled with parachutes and the streets lined with military vehicles. For the first time in history, the United States is being occupied by foreign armies. The invaders are calling themselves the “People’s Liberation Army” and they easily outnumber the citizens of Spokane. Matt and Jed’s worst nightmares are actualized as missiles scream into nearby houses, rocking them with explosions. On the once quiet streets of their neighborhood, U.S. citizens are being rounded up and taken prisoner. Suddenly, with horror, Matt realizes that the foreign invaders have captured his father and his girlfriend Erica. Matt screams out to them, vowing to save them as Jed drags his brother away to safety.”

Red Dawn

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