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EXCLUSIVE: Poster Debut For The Political Documentary Split: A Deeper Divide

Director Kelly Nyks took a road trip approach to exploring the concept of political divides via cultural elements, media and campaign strategies in “Split: A Divided America” back in 2008, and now, just in time for the 2012 presidential election, he’s back for a look at an even deeper divide within American society.

Similar to “A Divided America,” “Split: A Deeper Divide” offers up a portrait of a nation that’s divided more so than ever. Nyks talks to a number of political leaders including former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, Lawrence Lessig of the Foundation of Ethics, Thomas Frank of the Wall Street Journal, and more about the overabundance of bitterness drowning both modern politics and society. The film doesn’t just highlight the headlines; it goes far deeper in an effort to explore why we’re left with two Americas.

With the October 12th release of “Split: A Deeper Divide” less than a month away, is thrilled to bring you the exclusive debut of the film’s poster. Following in the footsteps of the poster for “A Divided America,” the one for “A Deeper Divide” goes bold, drawing a line right down the middle and taking that divide very literally. Get a sense of the split to be explored in “Split: A Deeper Divide” by checking out the poster below and be sure to catch the full feature when it hits New York and select cities on October 12th prior to its wider release on October 19th.

Split: A Deeper Divide Poster

Split: A Deeper Divide Poster

By Perri Nemiroff

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