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World Zombie Day To Highlight Grassroots Support For The Return Of The Walking Dead To DISH Network


World Zombie Day To Highlight Grassroots Support For The Return Of The Walking Dead To DISH Network

“The Walking Dead” is getting support from its biggest fans–zombies!

World Zombie Day is tomorrow, October 13, and this year, there will be a bit of a topical slant to the proceedings. As a preview of what is in store for World Zombie Day, Washington DC. lawmakers, lobbyists and citizens were treated to a show of force from zombies today. Many people, dressed up as zombies, came out to show their support for “The Walking Dead” and the sentiment to bring it back to DISH Network, which dropped AMC Networks in July due to an unrelated lawsuit.

The protests will surely get worse as we get nearer to October 14, the day the third season of “The Walking Dead” premieres.

“We need ‘The Walking Dead’ back on DISH and we’re willing to lend a hand, well actually any limb needed, to do it!” said Brandon May, an organizer of the Zombie 5K Buffets in Columbus, Jacksonville, Phoenix and Nashville.

“It is a true zombie crisis! Zombies fans are frothing at the mouth because many of us cannot see ‘The Walking Dead,’ said Jonathan Ackerman, organizer of the Zombie Pub Crawl — one of the largest World Zombie Day Events in the US. “We are uniting to show our support for THE WALKING DEAD, and encouraging all DISH subscribers to switch from DISH!”

“Choosing a service that offers the AMC family of programming networks is a no-brainer. Have the ‘guts’ to switch from Dish and get your fill of ‘The Walking Dead’ and other great shows. Mmmm….brains and guts!” said Rich Hartwick, organizer of Zombie Walk Detroit.

Zombie fans can also show their support using Twitter. Just tweet the phrase, “TV without #TheWalkingDead is like #Halloween without zombies. Our unbeating hearts go out to @DISH customers missing Sunday’s premiere!”

Check out the gallery of pictures from today’s events below the post, and write what you think in the comments section below.

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