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Stars In Stereo’s Bec Hollcraft on New Album, New Single and Touring

Stars In Stereo is a band that is just now making a big imprint on the world of rock music. Lead singer and guitarist Bec Hollcraft was able to take time out of busy touring schedule to speak with ShockYa. This interview, recorded Oct. 18, took place during Stars In Stereo’s tour with Blue October. You can check out a preview of their self-titled EP by clicking here. You can also by their single, “The Broken,” on iTunes and learn more about the band by checking out their official site, Facebook page and Twitter page. The video to “The Broken” is below.

How did the band get started?

Hollcraft: Well, all of the guys were in a band before this started and they were all friends…that band fell apart and it wasn’t the direction they wanted to be going in, so they started writing new music and they wanted a new singer. I learned about them from a friend and…it worked out…a few days after meeting.

You just make your first music video for “The Broken.” What was it like making that music video:

Hollcraft: It was really fun…It was really great in that it was our vision. No one had any influence over that; we just did what we wanted to do with the video and luckily, we had people working with us who were willing to help us make that happen. It was very amazing to create [the video].

What is the song inspired by?

Hollcraft: It comes from all of our feelings..our feeling of feeling different for whatever reason that is. Just being a musician in general, it’s hard to relate with a lot of people unless they’re also musicians or creative or whatever it is and personally, that’s something I struggle with and have my whole life. So, because I felt that way…because I felt different that I couldn’t reach out to people, the song “The Broken” is about saying that there are so many people who have issues. It doesn’t matter the scale of it because deep down it’s important to not isolate yourself and to find the people to reach out to instead of turning to other devices that are not good for you. We really want our fans to feel like they have a place to go and that there are people who’ll listen to them.

How’s the tour been going so far?

Hollcraft: The tour’s so great. This time around, we were with The Used, and the hopped onto Blue October. Both of these bands I’ve been listening to for years. Blue October’s been my favorite band since I was 17 years old, and being able to watch them every night, honestly, makes me cry every time (laughs). It’s really emotional to be able to have listened to somebody and then be opening for them. It kind of blows my mind. Also, these guys are so nice. These guys and Blue October…they’re just really good people and they’re so good to their fans. It’s really nice to witness that and be a part of it.

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