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Interview: Daniel Craig Talks ‘Skyfall’ Stunts

With the latest Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ about to hit US theaters on November 9th, lead star Daniel Craig has been making the rounds to discuss the film where he performs some gutsy stunts with only CGI used to “help out”. Talking with the media outlet Flicks and Bits, Craig appeared to be all about preparation and comfort when filming his stunt scenes in the Sam Mendes feature. “If there was anything I felt insecure about we stopped filming and I would go off and rehearse it. It really is about making it look as easy as possible. I think there’s been times when I’ve been standing on top of buildings on other movies and wondering, “What the hell am I doing!”

As 007 fans have seen in the trailer, Craig’s train stunt scenes were all performed by the actor, keeping the legacy of Bond realistic and true, as the depictor explained. “But on ‘Skyfall’ it felt real good. We really wanted to push ‘Skyfall’ as far as we could. We’ve always relied on the fact that we do things for real on Bond movies. The CGI is just to help out, as opposed to creating the scene. Standing on top of a train travelling at 50km/h, while fighting Ola Rapace over a 300ft drop, that’s a standout moment for me.” ‘Skyfall’ features Craig alongside Judi Dench, Javiar Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and more. Check out the international trailer for ‘Skyfall’ below.

Daniel Craig Talks Skyfall

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