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Mila Kunis Bringing History To The CW With ‘Meridian Hills’

Actress Mila Kunis (Black Swan, That 70’s Show) will be taking fans back to the days of the women’s liberation movement with a new series ‘Meridian Hills’. Kunis is bringing the 1972 series to the CW Network where the female dominating demographic can follow a storyline set in a “boozy Midwest country club” during the start of the Equal Rights Amendment. A young, married woman will be at the center of the story as a Junior Leaguer who finds herself befriending a group of woman with the same mission, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kunis won’t step in front of the camera for ‘Meridian Hills’, but instead ‘The Family Guy’ star will executive produce the project. Writer Sydney Sidner (The Rite) will create the script as well serve as an EP along with Chris Keyser, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, Lisa Sterbakov (Robot Chicken), Cami Curtis and Susan Curtis. Kunis is currently committed to the forthcoming movies ‘Tar’, a biopic centered on C.K. Williams, ‘The Angriest Man in Brooklyn’, the highly anticipated ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’, ‘Blood Ties’, ‘The Third Person’ and ‘Jupiter Ascending’ alongside Channing Tatum.

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