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The Walking Dead Game Season Finale Launching Next Week

“The Walking Dead” fans are having a field day with “The Walking Dead” television show bringing shocks and horrors alongside “The Walking Dead” game season. “The Walking Dead” game is also reaching a peak in the storytelling–the highly-anticipated season finale of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Episode Five – No Time Left,” will be launching digitally next week on PC/MAC, consoles and iOS.

This will be the fifth and final episode in Telltale Games’ critically-acclaimed game season based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series of the same name.

So when exactly can you expect the finale to come out? “The Walking Dead: Episode Five – No Time Left” will be out on PlayStation Network in North America November 20 and Novebmer 21 on PlayStation Network (EU), Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PC and Mac via the Telltale Online Store and digital distribution partners like Steam. The game finale will also be compatible iOS devices as the last piece of downloadable content from within the “Walking Dead: The Game” app, available on the App Store.

The game series has been lauded across the board, with Rolling Stone recently saying that the series is, “Truly Excellent.” Gaming website Polygon wrote it is “…a landmark moment in interactive storytelling,” and Game Informer said that Episode Four, “…shocks, emotionally tortures, and keeps heads spinning.” British national newspaper The Independent called Episode Four, “Slow, methodical, and brilliant as ever,” while the New York Post said that while playing Episode Four, “…every other game I was currently playing would cease to exist,” said of the series, “I will do anything. I will do whatever it takes to protect Clementine!”

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