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Airborne DVD Review

Title: Airborne

Directed by: Dominic Burns

Starring: Simon Phillips, Craig Conway, Gemma Atkinson and Mark Hamill

Running time: 78 minutes, Unrated

Special Features: None

A near empty flight from England to New York during a storm. Passengers start disappearing. Is it a terrorist plot or is it all orchestrated by something supernatural?

Spoiler Alert. The film implies that some old guy with two thugs is doing something shady overseas. The last-minute replacement steward could possibly be a terrorist. There’s a mysterious doctor guy who’s kind of intense and creepy towards the young nubile traveler. There’s a fat overly chatty dude that could have some ulterior motive and lastly there’s the two soldiers. but only one of them seems a tad off.  We find out there’s a plot to divert the plane to South America to sell a rare vase that happens to have some Ancient Chinese curse on it and some supernatural force is attacking some of the passengers, but the thieves are also picking off passengers too.

What a total waste of time. The characters were one-dimensional, the story was just stupid and the ending was total crap. This movie made me almost Hulk-angry. Mark Hamill, sir, you were getting better work doing cartoon voice-overs; don’t lower yourself to b.s. flicks like this. You’re Luke Skywalker damn it! You are geek royalty and should be treated as such.

Yeah I gave away a lot of plot, but who cares? This movie sucks! I wouldn’t even recommend this film to people I don’t even like. I may be an a-hole sometimes, but I’m not that cruel.

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Total Rating: F

Airborne DVD Review

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