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Los Angeles – Check Out The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit

While living in Los Angeles is less glamorous than those outside of this circle might think, for those of us who love cinema, or are just geeks in general, the city seems to appeal to us. To celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download this Tuesday, December 4th, Warner Bros. is graciously opening up The Dark Knight Legend exhibit downtown at L.A. Live’s Event Deck starting today, November 30th, and it will run until December 14th.

For huge Bat-buffs like myself, the exhibit is something like a dream. Upon entering, there’s various artwork on display featuring the Dark Knight and the Bat-family. As you make your way through, Warner Archives have provided various costumes and props from Christopher Nolan’s Batman defining trilogy. On display includes both costumes that Christian Bale wears throughout the trilogy, Gotham Rogues football equipment, and even models of the various sets used throughout the trilogy. In addition, Heath Ledger’s now iconic costume as The Joker is in full display.

The main event though features all of the Batmobiles that have been used across all eight films (and yes, that includes the Adam West version.) Interestingly enough, the best of the bunch, Keaton’s Batmobile, is completely street legal. Unfortunately, my attempts to get the car out of there were unsuccessful, so I don’t recommend trying that. More impressive is that the Batman Forever version of the iconic car looks less goofy in real life, and still lights up. In addition to all the famous cars, Bane’s ever famous nuclear reactor weapon from The Dark Knight Rises in full scale is features with the vehicles.

The hours of operation are from noon to nine daily through December 14th. Even the most casual of Batman fans will find something to dig their teeth into at the exhibit.

The Dark Knight Rises releases on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on December 4th.

The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit

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