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Girls Season 2 Trailer Debuts

A new trailer for HBO’s Girls has made its way online in promotion of the Lena Dunham series upcoming debut on January 13th at 9pm. It looks like this latest cycle of all new episodes will continue to be an interesting one for the ladies. The teaser shows Hannah doing her best to try and avoid Adam who is still in love with her and watching her every move. During one part of the teaser you seem him appear out of nowhere which brings a few laughs at just how creepy and over the top he has become.

Meanwhile Shoshanna has problems of her own after losing her virginity, only to land right back in the same situation with Ray. And then there’s Marnie who seems to be a lost soul still twisting in the wind while her mother, played by Rita Wilson, tries to give her advice. A scene featuring Jessa also plays out with the Girls character still trying to figure things out after her unexpected wedding. Check out the promo trailer for Girls season 2 below and let us know what you think. Will the new season be as good as the last?

Girls Season 2

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