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FilmOn’s Alki David Offers $100,000 Worth Of Prizes To BattleCam House Winner

February 8 is the day the BattleCam House comes back for your entertainment! This year, though, FilmOn founder Alki David is set to give away a plethora of prizes.

“BattleCam House” will have six men and six women from the community living amid the cameras 24 hours of day and battling funny challenges lasting thirty dirty days and nights within the East Los Angeles house of horrors. Watch the contestants fight for food, showers and their only way out being temporary “Exit Passes” to the outside world. Outside of the house, the winners of the Exit Passes will be followed around LA with a live streaming camera crew, continuing their journey to collect points and prizes to reach the ultimate goal–the BattleCam House champion.

BattleCam is the hit TV format created by David. BattleCam is the only interactive TV show where anybody with a laptop, tablet or smart phone can be viewed by millions of viewers. David gives away money to the BattleCam partipants every day, especially during the evening’s two hour “Money Round,” during which David pays people as much as $10 a minute if they can keep the TV and online audiences well entertained. According to Dish Networks, BattleCam on KILM Channel 64 is already in the top five stations in the entire Los Angeles and Inland Empire Cable TV Market. You can learn more about BattleCam by going to You can read more about this story here.

BattleCam House

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