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Interview: John Dies at the End’s Don Coscarelli and Paul Giamatti

David Wong’s book warns, “STOP. You should not have touched this book. NO, don’t put it down. It’s too late.” Too bad Don Coscarelli’s feature film adaptation of “John Dies at the End” isn’t branded with the same advice because once you get sucked into his world of soy sauce, meat monsters and Korrok, there’s no turning back.

Straight from Wong’s book, Coscarelli’s film features Chase Williamson as David Wong, a harmless college dropout consumed by the effects of a drug known as soy sauce. The thing is, Dave wasn’t even looking to get high. He thought his buddy, John (Rob Mayes), overdosed on the black stuff, so he was just being a good friend by taking John to the hospital along with the needle he injected himself with. Trouble is, Dave puts the thing in his pocket, accidently sticking himself. From that point on, he’s got no choice, but to play along, using bratwurst phones and battling otherworldly creatures if he’s going to save the world. Paul Giamatti steps in as Arnie, a reporter who arrives after all the insanity goes down and is tasked with putting together the details of David’s seemingly bogus adventure.

With “John Dies at the End” due for a theatrical release on January 25th, Coscarelli and Giamatti sat down for a roundtable interview to discuss the meat of the film (no pun intended), the current state of the horror genre, where “John Dies at the End” fits in and more. Check out all the highlights from the interview in the video below.

By Perri Nemiroff

Paul Giamatti and Don Coscarelli in John Dies at the End

Paul Giamatti and Don Coscarelli in John Dies at the End

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