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NEWS House Starting February 8

Starting Feb. 8, FilmOn.TV Networks, including KILM Channel 64 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas, will host the first of its kind live interactive anti-social TV show “ House” airing simultaneously online and on air! The UK will also get to see “ House” on Sky Channel 192 between 10 pm and 12 am every day.

The 24-hour broadcast of an east Los Angeles house will allow viewers to see the crazy challenges the housemates have to go through thirty days and nights. The house will have six men and six women from the community, competing for showers, food and the coveted temporary “Exit Passes” to the outside world. Even outside of the house, the Exit Pass winners will be followed around Los Angeles with a live streaming camera crew as they continue to search for points and prizes. The ultimate goal is to become the BattleCam House champion.

BattleCam is the hit TV format created by billionaire and FilmOn founder Alki David. “BattleCam is the only true interactive TV show where anyone with a laptop, smart phone or tablet can project themselves on live TV in less than 5 minutes to millions of Cable TV viewers,” states the release.

David touted his show as controversial and entertaining. “Jerry Springer is a watered down version of BattleCam House,” he said. “I’m sure its going to really upset the vocal minority but most will get a kick out of the antics of our BattleCamers.” The BattleCam Show in KILM Channel 64 is already among the top five stations in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire Cable TV market (information courtesy of Dish Networks). The challenges on the show can range from anything like getting a tattoo across the face for $10,000 or paying people $10 a minute if they can keep the online and TV audiences entertained. If you want to be a part of the fun (which includes voting for who you want to see on BattleCam), go to and vote with your smartphone and tablet with Logo

Photo caption: Bradley Crown paid $ 10,000 for this tattoo

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