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Exclusive: ShockYa Premieres Falling Still’s Stupid Girl Music Video

If you’re looking for new music to latch onto, perhaps the indie rock band Falling Still is the band for you. The Los Angeles based band, consisting of Eric Podnar (vocals / guitar), Brett Hamilton (bass / vocals) and Jeremy Cull (drums), is set to release their self-titled EP on Feb. 26.

“Falling Still” includes six anthems that are full of grit and heart. If you’re already a fan of their previous releases, you’ll be excited to know that the upcoming EP channels the energy from those releases and intensifies it, thanks to band’s producer and engineer Michael Parnin (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Rage Against The Machine), who also worked on the band’s 2009 and 2010 releases “May All Magic Guide and Change You” and “Don’t Kick The Whiskey.” Podnar said he feels this EP really sums up the sound the band has been trying to produce.

“With the EP, we feel like we’ve finally created the music we always wanted to make,” he said. “The record really paints a clear picture of what we can do with our sound. It’s loud and exhilarating and it immediately grabs your attention and refuses to let it go.”

Below is the horror-themed music video for their single, “Stupid Girl.” Even though the video has some intense scenes, Podnar said the idea for the video was based on a very real type of woman that seems to crop up a lot in Los Angeles.

“‘Stupid Girl’ is a song about a misbegotten soul cracking under the pressure of a scrutinizing world. The video depicts the protagonist as a seemingly sweet girl that eventually seduces and murders our whole band for her enjoyment,” he said. “The clip was inspired by a very specific kind of girl that often emerges in LA. In most cases, they’re aspiring actresses or models or musicians who become dangerously intent on self-preservation through any means necessary. They’re typically fucking crazy and never short on vices or dependencies. Our video is a public service announcement about the dangers of getting involved with these types of individuals. It’s not pretty.”

The band itself have a very close relationship with horror; Podnar starred in the film “Deadgirl,” written by the band’s longtime video director, Trent Haaga. Haaga has starred in over 45 horror films as well as directing the film, “Chop.”

Make sure to check out the video below and also go to the band’s website and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to learn more. Falling Still will be performing at Los Angeles’ Hemingway’s Lounge Feb. 26.

Falling Still main photo

(Photo credit: TJ Scott)

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