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New Shows Preview: The Ben Show & Nathan For You

Premiering Thursday night on Comedy Central are two new offerings featuring experienced comedians and new concepts. At 10pm is The Ben Show, with Ben Hoffman, followed by Nathan For You, with business expert Nathan Fiedler at 10:30pm. Take a look below at what to expect from the shows and their series premieres on February 28th.

Ben Hoffman, who you may know from his guest appearances on Arrested Development and New Girl, has worked with Comedy Central before as a writer and correspondent for Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. Now, Ben steps in front of the camera to weave together a series of man-on-the-street segments and taped sketches with an underlining theme for each episode. In the February 28th premiere installment, Ben decides that it’s time to by a gun, and consults, among others, his therapist, a former gang member, and his father to get an opinion.

Nathan Fiedler, who hails from Canada and got his start doing stand-up in Toronto, returns to Comedy Central after writing and directing Important Things with Demetri Martin and Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Fiedler uses his questionable expertise to advise struggling small business on new and innovative methods for bringing in customers, while proving the power of his confidence by going in for job interviews with a seven-year-old feeding him answers to the employer’s questions. In the February 28th premiere installment, Nathan commissions a poo flavor of frozen yogurt and implements an eight-minute delivery free pizza guarantee, with the catch that the free pizza is only one inch big.

Both premieres are available to watch for free on the Comedy Central website. Tune in to Comedy Central Thursdays starting February 28th from 10pm to 11pm to watch Ben and Nathan break down what’s funniest about our society. Check out the official sites for The Ben Show and Nathan For You to watch more clips and read about upcoming episodes.

The Ben Show:

Nathan For You:

Written by Abe Fried-Tanzer

Nathan For You

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