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Alki David To Pay A British Student’s Tuition With Streak Challenge

British students who want their tuition paid might just have to run around naked. According to the Student Times, FilmOn founder and CEO Alki David is offering to pay the tuition fees of any full-time student who can provide video of themselves streaking in front of Deputy PM Nick Clegg.

The reason for the “streak bounty” comes from David’s re-location to London and wants to help students who are suffering from the Coalition Government’s recent political move.

“Many users of our social networking platform are students who are bitterly disappointed that the cap on tuition fees has been removed by the Coalition Government,” he said. “We intend to ease the hardship of at least one of those students by offering to pay their tuition fees if they can submit video evidence of their streak.”

To enter, participants have to be naked (or be mostly naked with a Battlecam sign covering their private parts) and shout three times and be heard and seen by Clegg. The winner will get one year of their tuition paid by David and

As you might recall, viewers routinely have a chance to win money for doing crazy stunts, such as paying six figures to a man who was arrested while trying to streak in front of President Obama.

Nick Clegg

(Photo credit: World Economic Forum–Flickr/Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic)

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