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Exclusive Interview: Robbie Tucker Talks Family Weekend

Rising star Robbie Tucker is helping kidnap some parents in the upcoming family comedy, “Family Weekend.” The film, directed by Benjamin Epps and starring Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew Modine, Olesya Rulin, Joey King and Eddie Hassell, will be in limited release this Friday, March 29, and ShockYa has the scoop on the movie from Tucker himself. Read below to see what you can expect from the family film.

What can you tell me about “Family Weekend”?

Well, the movie is about four kids and their mom and dad. The mom and dad are always focused on their work and they never pay any attention to their kids. So, my sister in the movie, she does this one competition and she gets really mad because their parents aren’t showing up because they’re so busy with their work. So, for the weekend, she kidnaps them and we all kind of help to get them focused on us and the work. It’s a comedy, it’s really funny.

Your character, Mickey, has Asperger’s Syndrome. What kind of research did you do to get into character?

Well, me and my mom went on the internet and we researched a little bit about it. But, in the script, they kind of help us with it and they told us about it and they really liked what I brought to it. So yeah, that’s how I prepared for that.

What was it like to work with the cast?

They were all really fun. They were all telling jokes and always playing around. Kristin Chenoweth is always singing and Matthew Modine was always making jokes, making us all laugh. It was a really nice cast.

Do you have a favorite thing about playing your character?

My favorite thing about playing my character was that he had a room full of reptiles and I really love reptiles. At home, I have a bearded dragon, which is a lizard, and my character Mickey had that kind of lizard. So he always had lizards and snakes and all kinds of reptiles and my favorite animal is was this giant tortoise that they had. It was really old, so that was cool.

Do you have a favorite scene from the movie, or a favorite scene from shooting on set?

My favorite part was when the parents were tied up and my sister in the movie…takes the mom and hides the mom and me and my other sister in the movie…put a curtain in front of the dad because the maid comes into the house. So we have to try to hide the dad under the curtain and it’s really funny.

What do you think movie fans will really like about “Family Weekend”?

I think they’ll like everything about it. It’s a really fun movie.

If you’re in the same situation as Mickey, would you help kidnap your parents or would you do something else to get their attention?

Well, I would probably try to do something else because I would know that we would get in trouble and go to jail and all that (laughs), so I would probably try a not as harsh tactic.

Robbie Tucker

(Photo credit:Deidhra Fahey Photography)

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