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Day At The Pool Now Available Online

Skater enthusiasts will love the new documentary short film “Day at the Pool.” The documentary short is now available online through the film’s official site as Xbox and iTunes.

The film explores the beginnings of what we now know to be modern skateboarding:

“DAY AT THE POOL is a documentary short film which sheds new light on the true origins of modern skateboarding. The film features blazing interviews with Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams and the rest of the Dogtown crew. They all reveal that one anonymous kid from the swimming-pool suburbs of Los Angeles may have been singularly responsible for the skateboarding revolution that redefined adolescent life in America. Upon further probing, blazing interviews become heated as an intentionally hidden secret is uncovered. Several Z-Boys testify to witnessing a young skateboarder perform maneuvers so profoundly, not even the modern day skate masters could attempt them. The film goes on to present a surprising account of history that first reveals the skateboarder’s identity, and then exposes the Z-Boys selfish motivation for keeping his story secret.”

“Day at the Pool,” produced by design, visual effects and editorial shop House of Salt, has received several awards such as the award for Best Documentary Short at the 2012 Irvine International Film Festival, Best Directorial Debut, Documentary at the 2011 IFQ Film Festival, People’s Choice for Best Director at the 2011 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and more.

You can learn more about the film at its official site and Facebook page.

Day at the Pool

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