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Jake T. Austin Gives the Scoop on ABC Family’s The Fosters

Jake T. Austin is set to play Jesus Foster, a member of a large adoptive household in ABC Family’s newest drama, “The Fosters.” ShockYa was excited to be able to speak with Austin about his character. Read below to learn more about what it’s like to be a part of this new, important series. “The Fosters” premieres on ABC Family June 3 at 9/8c.

About Austin’s character:

“I play Jesus Foster, who is the brother to Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), they’re a set of twins who have been in and out of the foster system pretty much since birth. They’ve embraced the idea of welcoming new foster children into their home and they live under the same roof as a same-sex couple in San Diego. The show picks up in a time when Jesus is coming into his own as a man and also assuming a paternal role for his sister.”

On being a part of this groundbreaking show about a same-sex household:

“It’s great to fit into this show, especially at a time when a lot of issues are being brought to light. And to also act as a voice for a lot of those issues and to portray a character that feels very real and grounded and someone that’s very close to me. It’s a blessing to be working at this time and just to be involved in the show like this. That can bring and open the doors to so many new families, hopefully. That’s just what I’m looking forward to.”

On working with the cast:

Working with the rest of the cast has been, so far, a great experience. Everyone’s learning from each other and everyone’s excited to see where the story line and where the show is going to take off.

On preparing for the role:

“As actors, we did our homework, and we did some research into the foster care system; also getting to meet with some foster kids and people who had had firsthand experience and firsthand knowledge. The show picks up where I play a twin who had been through the foster system and [was adopted by the family five years ago]. He’s, along with his sister, living in a new traditional family home. So he’s moved on from the foster home when the series picks up.”

On what Austin hopes fans take away from “The Fosters”:

“I’m hoping fans will be able to relate to the message, which is the definition of family doesn’t necessarily have to do with who’s in your family, but more so how you look at the relationship. More importantly, the show will hopefully shed light on some bigger issues and some larger topics that may be controversial to some.”

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