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Derek Theler Talks What to Expect During Season Two of Baby Daddy

Derek Theler is very excited for the second and third seasons of ABC Family’s hit comedy “Baby Daddy.” ShockYa’s got the scoop on what you can expect from the season and from Derek’s character, thanks to a very intriguing conference call. Read on below and remember to tweet Theler and the rest of the cast during their Premiere Night Tweet-Off tonight 8:30/5:30 PT!

On what made him want to play Danny:

“…[I wanted to play] Danny specifically because he’s a professional athlete. I consider myself an athlete–I’ve played sports my whole life, I try to keep myself in really good shape–and I thought it would be so cool to play an athlete and tell jokes all day, you know? And also to play a character whose pining for his best friend. I don’t really have a way to relate to that, I didn’t really have a crush on my best friend growing up or anything, but I thought it would be cool and I’d like to see…how he’d develop throughout.”

On what to expect for Danny this season:

“It’s a great season for Danny. There are a lot of great story lines happening with him. He’s trying to figure out…his love life… and there’s more hockey stuff…you just get to experience the boys trying to figure out how to raise a baby together. It’s pretty fun just to see the three boys together and get in and out of trouble.”

On what Danny was originally supposed to be like:

“Well, I’ve heard from the writers and producers that my character, off the bat, wasn’t supposed to be very sweet. He was supposed to be kind of a womanizer, a professional athlete that didn’t have that much of a heart…He’s very likable, you feel for the guy. He never means to do any wrong, he just happens to make the wrong choices sometimes.”

On being renewed for Season Three before the second season airs:

“I feel so blessed. It’s really an amazing season. I wasn’t working consistently going into this, so it’s so great to work on the pilot, have the pilot picked up, [work on] the first season, have people really respond to it and then work on the second season, which we just finished [and] was absolutely amazing because everyone is so close with the cast and crew. And to get re-upped for the third before we were done filming– It was the very last day of the second season shoot. It’s a day where everyone is…upset and sad and we don’t know if we’re ever going to get to work with each other again…and we get the word that we have a full season three pickup. It changes our day and the rest of our hiatus dramatically. We aren’t waiting by the phone to know if we’re going to go back to work with our family. It was an amazing experience and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to know that I get to go back to work with my best friends.”

Derek Theler Baby Daddy

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