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The Perfect House’s Kris Hulbert Sourcing Fan Support for Just Drive

You might remember Kris Hulbert from ShockYa’s interview with him and his creative partner Randy Kent about their first film, “The Perfect House.” Well, Hulbert is back with a brand new film, “Just Drive.” The film takes place completely in a limo, but don’t think it’s in the same vein as “Cosmopolis.” Here’s what Hulbert said about the film:

“When I finished ‘The Perfect House’ I wasn’t prepared for the evil and greed that we would become exposed to at every turn. Nor was I prepared for the friends and family that would be exposed as they went from supportive to openly hoping I failed. But, it was the financial responsibilities that came with making something that exceeded everybody’s wildest expectations, that caught us off guard the most. In the years that followed the production of ‘The Perfect House’, every dollar I came across went into our film, I became a virtual prisoner in my own apartment. I went through a very dark period during those two years, the world moved on without me, my blue collar friends went from 20 somethings to responsible parents. Weddings and funerals came and went without me. In facebook pictures, family I now haven’t seen in years appear to have aged decades seemingly over night. Life went on without me, while I chased a dream. That isolation and pain took me to a place that eventually inspired Just Drive, a deep, personal look backwards at the cumulative cost of ambition and the sacrifices made along the way. The limousine represents both the luxury of the lifestyle and the isolation from a world so close, but so far away. On a deeper level the limousine and the perks inside the limo symbolize a Pharaoh and his sarcophagus.”

“Just Drive” aims to make it to Sundance 2014, and to do that, the film’s crew needs the film-loving public’s help to meet their goal! “Just Drive” has an indiegogo page that explains more about the film and production. The film is not only aiming to entertain; the film is also going to pay it forward. A portion of the funds “Just Drive” generates will go to a charity chosen by you, the funders.

However, Hulbert doesn’t want you to blindly give your money. If you’re interested in “Just Drive,” Hulbert wants you to go to the indiegogo page, watch the hard work being done on the film over the next weeks and if you are excited about the film and want to help it succeed, contribute! Daily multimedia updates will be provided, so make sure to go to the page and check out the film’s production! You can also take a look at the video below to learn more.


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