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Face 2 Face DVD Review

Title: Face 2 Face

Directed by: Katherine Brooks

Starring: Katherine Brooks

Running Time: 107 minutes, Not Rated

Special Features: 6 deleted scenes, trailer

Emmy winning reality TV director and producer Katherine Brooks is battling depresion and prescription drug addiction and nearly succeeds in a suicide attempt. With thousands of Facebook followers, she still feels alone. She decides to start a film project that she posts to her Facebook account: The first 50 people who agrees to meet face to face, she will drive to their home and spend the day with them on camera, no matter the distance. Her goal is to break the electronic barrier that many people hide behind, because nobody interacts in person anymore; everything is via text or online. In her journey she battles quitting prescription pills, smoking, fighting off depression, and finds the courage to reconnect with her childhood best friend/first love who unintentionally broke her heart. Katherine makes a breakthrough with her own issues when meeting these various strangers with bigger problems, people who have experienced near death. Kat learns to forgive her past and embraces a new appreciation for life.

The negative: This film would work better as a TV show. Not enough time was spent on each subject. I wanted to see and know more.

The positive: I wanted to spend more time with each subject. There are several really interesting people Kat meets that are in the bonus features.

I highly enjoyed this documentary.  It’s very inspiring.  It makes me want to go out and connect with my Twitter and Facebook friends because everyone has a story, and everyone has problems. Whatever you’re feeling, there’s always someone who has it worse and yet they still have the brass to keep on living. I liked that we get to witness Kat have a revelation and is somewhat reborn before our eyes.

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Total Rating: A

Face 2 Face movie

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