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Guy Torry Talks Dancing Fools

“Dancing Fools” cast member and comedian Guy Torry has fun with dancing, and he talked at length about his love for dancing videos during a recent conference call. Read below to see what ShockYa learned from the call, which included Torry’s favorite part about “Dancing Fools” and more. “Dancing Fools,” a clip show that pits dancers from two of the week’s top dancing clips against each other for $10,000, airs on ABC Family at its new day and time, Fridays at 7/6c.

On why Torry wanted to become a part of “Dancing Fools”:

“Well, it was a different type of a show for me. I’m a standup comic who is usually late-night, after dark comedy, but I love dancing and I love watching dance clips on the internet all day so this was a perfect marriage between me and the show. It opened me up to a whole new audience actually.”

On his favorite part of “Dancing Fools”:

“Working with [host] Melissa [Peterman]. I mean she is really talented. I had no idea how talented she was, how funny she is, how quick-witted she is, and how generous she is. You know we have the four really good dancers on the show and their job really was just to dance us in and out of break. It was Melissa’s idea to really include them in to the show so America could know who they are. They have names and they’re professionals and the skits that they do were really all Melissa’s idea. She’s a very generous and gracious host, and you don’t find that a lot in Hollywood. It’s all about me, me, me, me and nobody wanting to share the spotlight, but she was really generous and to see that was just great. Working with her was really a treat.”

On how “Dancing Fools” differs from other dancing shows:

“It’s fun. It’s more interactive. Even on Dancing with the Stars they’re professional dancers mixed with celebrities. These are people like everyday people, real people out in the world who just do it for fun. They don’t really put their videos on the internet to win money. They just do it because it’s fun, and we select them, and I think that’s what makes it different. But it makes people who are not in the entertainment industry and out there in the real world just say, “Hey, you know what? I have a chance to be on that show,” and they have their 5-minutes of fame or 15-minutes of fame or turn it in to a career. I think it makes it different that way because it relates to everybody. Everybody loves to dance, and most of us are fools.”


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