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See The Latest Opinion Polls on FilmOn’s What America Thinks Channel

The What America Thinks Channel on gives you the real scoop on what the country thinks about the day’s top events. Scott Rasmussen, a nationally-known analyst and public opinion pollster, brings viewers up-to-date, accurate polling data and analysis. You can watch the latest episode of “What America Thinks” at 4:44pm on FilmOn.

Scott Rasmussen is the founder of Rasmussen Reports. The company came to the national stage in 2003 and is followed by millions on many platforms. In 2009, Rasmussen Reports passed Gallup as the most searched for source of public opinion information on Google.

Rasmussen Reports quantifies timely, relevant and accurate public opinion. Surveys include opinions about lifestyle, economics and political issues as well as state elections and other discussed topics. You can learn more about Rasmussen Reports at its site. is a free online service that features over 500 live channels and 45,000 On Demand tiles for their subscribers. Users will not only get to see their favorite programming, original programming starring the most controversial celebrities, and exclusive content, but they can also create their own programming with

What do you think about Rasmussen Reports and “What America’s Thinks”? Give your opinions about this channel in the comments section below!


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