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Double Feature TV Airs Films for Free on FilmOn

Double Feature TV is another great channel on FilmOn that film lovers will love. Double Feature TV provides the box office experience at home by providing tons of films from around the world and America, as well as star profiles and other news pertinent to all things entertainment.

One of the films Double Feature TV will show is “Potnah.” The 2011 film, starring Rahim Ali, Alex Ubokudom, Kyron Hodges, James Lyones and Sharri Jones tells the story of a cigarette kingpin who is questioned for the murder of his criminal partner. During the case, detectives learn more about the rise of New York’s underground tobacco game and the schemes of the tobacco ring’s biggest players. This film comes with a parental advisory.

If you’re interested in seeing it, make sure to watch Double Feature TV in the embed below or at its channel on YouTube 2:48 pm ET. You can watch it for free in SD, or watch it in HD with added DVR recording space for a low monthly subscription.

Double Feature TV is only one of the many channels you can watch on FilmOn. FilmOn boasts over 500 channels and 45,000 titles On Demand. You can learn more about FilmOn and its features by clicking here.

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